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Prostate Surgeries: How Many Do You Need to have?

After three unsuccessful prostate surgeries, two with a laser and one TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate), I determined that a 2nd view was in order.
You are probably saying, Why did you have three surgeries for BPH (enlarged prostate)? For that data you must begin by reading the 1st article.
As indicated in the last write-up , I situated one particular of the prime urologists in the USA in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. David I. Lee is an Assistant Professor of Surgical treatment, Chief of Urology-Penn Presbyterian, Division of Surgical treatment, Division of Urology.

My queries on Dr. Lee indicated that he specialized in robotic surgical treatment of the prostate. I e-mailed him quickly and he responded the following day.
Extremely amazing for a medical professional who has hundreds, if not thousands of sufferers to deal with. He advised that I come in for a consultation Agenda Médical Papier 29088892830_406b507763 in December of 2006.
Based on the consultation, I was scheduled for an endoscopic examination that unveiled a bladder neck contraction. This meant that my bladder opening was contracted simply because of scarring following multiple surgeries.
This scarring diminished the size of the opening from my bladder hence my urine movement was restricted. Dr. Lee explained the issue to me on the working table for the duration of this examination. In addition, I was capable to see the problem on the keep track of. Remarkable!
My last surgical procedure in the area of the prostate was scheduled for February 22, 2007. This surgical procedure was to enlarge or lessen the scar tissue around my bladder neck opening so that I could urinate far more freely with no a limited feeling. The surgery was a success.
Yes, I had to put on the catheter for seven days and adhere to Dr. Lee’s directions, but that is a little value to pay for being in a position to go and empty ones bladder.
It is now August 26, 2010 and I have had no recurring issues with my plumbing. Each and every time I urinate freely, I thank GOD and I thank Dr. Lee.
Useful Data
What follows is a checklist of queries you may what to inquire your urologist:
Will a single laser surgical treatment of the prostate be adequate?
Throughout laser surgery how is the detached tissue evacuated from the body?
How is the laser kept from burning tissue too deeply causing thermal Injury? How effective is this process?
How long to I have to dress in a catheter?
Blood loss?
KTP Laser vs. TURP (gold standard)?
Medication after surgical procedure?
Impotency and incontinence?
Will you be making use of latex gloves and latex gear? [Some individuals are allergic To latex.]
What about bladder neck scarring?
What are some of the complications of prostate surgical procedure?
How numerous successful operations has your urologists performed?

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